Mika Takehara
copyright:José Figueroa
Mika Takehara
Copyright:José Figueroa
Mika Takehara
copyright:José Figueroa


3/2-2016 Schedule are now updated! 



Youtube update from concert with Klara Hellgren. 

Sonata of Wilhelm Stenhammar 








Clipp from direkt brodcast of Polar Prize Celemony 9th of June 2015!

Polar Prize Celemony- Mika Takehara-Thirteen Drums (Polar Prize Channel)

                                    Mika Takehara-Thieteen Drums (TV4 Channel)

                                 Love Hurts, framförd av Anna Ternheim, First Aid Kit, Nina Persson, Loney                                                                                                                                                            Dear, Mattias Ståhl och Mika Takehara. (TV4 Channel)


27/5 -2015

Concert information!

31/5 Etnografiska museet in Stockholm. 14:30-15:30. Welcome! 


3/5- 2015

Concert update!

Please Check my Calender!




New page for Mika´s recording lists!