Duo Klakimara

Klara Hellgren – violin & Mika Takehara – slagverk

”Minimalism. Små motiv i ständigt skiftande form, ständigt i rörelse, långsamt, snabbt, böjligt. I den här konserten tar vi er med på en resa in i minimalismens suggestiva värld där John Cages ”Six melodies” får representera de inre världarna och John Adams ”Road Movies” de yttre. Dessa verk är de centrala pjäserna i denna konsert kring vilka de andra verken får dansa”

Photograph by Tina Axelsson

"Every something is an echo of nothing”

-John Cage

Our repartory : 

John Cage - Six Melodies 

John Adams - Road Movies

David Lang - Light Moving

Arvo Pärt - Fratres

Max Richter - Mercy

Henrik Strinberg - Femte Strängen

Mika Takehara/Klara Hellgren - Icebox, when the leaf dies..

and so on


About Klara


Klara Hellgren

photograf: Michelle Lindgren

Klara Hellgren is one of Sweden’s foremost violinists, currently employed as a member of Uppsala Chamber Soloists, a highly eminent string quintet where she plays both violin and viola, and as concertmaster inUppsala Chamber Orchestra.

Klara regularly performs as a soloist, concertmaster and in various chamber music ensembles, delving into Baroque, Viennese, Classical, Romantic and new music.

Highlights of her solo career include performances with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Gävle Symphony Orchestra and Uppsala Chamber Orchestra working with such conductors as Paul Mägi, Hannu Koivula , Henrik Schaefer and Charles Hazelwood.

Devoted to chamber music, Klara is a founding member of Trio Nova, a piano trio which has had great success. Swedish Television recently broadcasted a program with the trio performing The deadly sins, a tango suite written especially for them by the composerJohan Ullén.

In Stockholm she recently co-founded Ensemble Clairobscure, exploring baroque chamber music.

She has made numerous recordings for the Swedish Radio and discs with labels such as Daphne, Phono Suecia and Naxos ”Swedish Society”.

She has recently released the CD ”Dances of sorrow” – J.S. Bach, Partita No 2 in D minor BWV 1004 for solo violin in an arrangement for solo violin and four voicesat the label Nilento Records, recorded in June 2016.

In February 2022, Klara will perform the violin concerto Distant lightby Peteris Vasks together with Uppsala Chamber Orchestra.

Klara plays on a Gragnani violin from 1773, kindly lent by the Swedish Järnåker Foundation.

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photograph:Tina Axelsson